Art Photos

Attention - Oil, 4ft x 6ft, 2002 [Photograph] Eat, Eat, Eat - Mixed Media, 3ft x 5ft, circa 2006 [Photograph] Fall Apart - Mixed Media, 3ft x 2ft, circa 2003, [Photograph] Hold On Tight - Oil, 12in x 30in, 2004, [Photograph] Just the Highlights - Oil, 12in x 30in, 2005, [Photograph] Life Drawing - Female Study, Charcoal, 2ft x 3ft, circa 2003, [Photograph] Life Drawing - Male Study, Charcoal, 2ft x 3ft, circa 2003, [Photograph] Now and Then - Oil, 5ft x 4ft, 2006, [Photograph] Peculiar - Oil, 20in x 24in, circa 2003, [Photograph] Responsibilities - Oil, 5ft x 4ft, 2003, [Photograph] Role Model - Oil, 2ft x 1.5ft, circa 2005, [Photograph] Sounds of Frustration - Oil, 20in x 20in, circa 2004, [Photograph] Still Life - Oil, 16in x 20in, circa 2000, [Photograph] Stretch - Oil, 2ft x 1ft, Triangled Frame, circa 2001, [Photograph] The Drive - Oil, 2.5ft x 2ft, Circa 2003, [Photograph] Understand Me - Oil, 2ft x 1.5ft, Circa 2004, [Photograph] Work In Progress - Oil, 2ft x 1.5ft, 2004, [Photograph]